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Article summary 1

GHG Reporting and Impression Management:

The article is about expanding roles of auditors in a management network firm. This involves client management system which one of the products is SCCM. Most organizations tend to require auditing and assurance services to ensure that all activities are occurring within the necessary standards. The article makes use of a company by the name Woodside Petroleum Limited. In this company, the emissions from all available facilities are monitored and reported internally every month. To minimize its emissions, Woodside has set specific targets and kept track of KPIs. As for external reporting, this company does so annually to the Federal Government.

Important conclusion

It is clear that the role of auditors is so much more than just presenting documents for decision making. They also have a role in identifying any discrepancies and raising the alarm openly to prevent any contracts that will put their career at risk. It is because there are legal liabilities that mean they will have to face the consequence of any shortcoming in their line of duty. Fortunately, it is not always that they will be found liable. There is a law which ensures that companies do not use the auditors as shields for any deal gone bad.

Aspects that could be used in the report

The method used by this Company is titled The Woodside Carbon Abatement Portfolio (CAP) which was established back in 2010. It is used company-wide as the primary approach towards evaluation, tracking, and informing any possible technical initiatives decisions meant to minimize the carbon emissions. It is essential in keeping track of initiatives such as those that are intended to improve the energy efficiency of power generation systems, or those that are meant to reduce flaring by employing a hierarchy of controls.

Similarities with other articles

They are similar in that they can be used to collect information which can then be used by decision-makers to come up with practical measures. Auditing and Assurance services are not similar professional services.


They need to be used side by side to ensure that they will trigger the identification of essential information. The information will then be used to determine whether or not there is a need to make changes for improvements in activities.

Article summary 2

Wireless Communications and types

The article is about Network neutrality which is a knowledge that internet service providers (ISPs), comprising cable firms like wireless providers like Sprint and Time Warner, ought to treat all internet traffic in the same way. It states that your ISP should not be permitted to degrade or block. Since 1980’s, internet traffic has improved a lot due to entrance of picture and mp3 based sites. Moreover, film streaming and peer-to-peer file sharing has become very common since 2004. Youtube and other free film content sites started using a good amount of bandwidth, to which ISP’s demanded to charge them for making their content available over the supplier’s network.

Importance conclusions presented in the article

With businesses using wireless networks to allow employees a larger range to get work done within the network. Along with the fact that consumer accessibility of business websites are getting very easy to utilize. This brings forth more jobs and more revenue into the company.

Aspects of the article that could be used in the report

The wireless network is constantly growing and growing at a large rate. All types of information are being transmitted by the use of smart phones, tablets, pc’s, laptops and more. Even though wireless networks are available just about everywhere they are often password protected from hackers. When a wireless network is accessed without permission this is a crime. There are certain ethical and legal concerns that may arise from wireless technology and here is a list of a few of them: Ward Driving happens when someone drives around searching for a Wi-Fi signal no matter if they are the owner of this wireless network or not. Next we have, Unauthorized Access is as simple as it sounds. Someone accessing an open network that is not authorized to.

Similiraties with other articles

Network in other articles has always been a topic of debate as it could be both positive and negative. For some big firms it is highly desired for reasons like assuring quality of facility, whereas for others it is equally dangerous. This could be the similarity with other articles

Contradiction with other articles

This article says that that advancement would be the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX). This new technology will improve the existing wireless networking system without you having to change your hardware. Which other articles do not support.

Article summary 3

Beyond 100G Ethernet

The conference was about recommendation tousing a cat6 and the VDSL2 technology transmitting data up to 400 meters. The recommendation stated that, it would save costs incurred in purchasing expensive Ethernet cables or switches in order to extend the network scope. In addition, VDSL2 converts one’s data from Ethernet to VDSL2 and therefore facilitating the process of sending high-bandwidth data across long expanses or distances, which is up to 400 meters. This novel technology utilizes traditional coaxial cable in place of expensive Cat5 cables. Notably, level oneVDS-0202 extender transforms VDSL2. It is also an Ethernet over VDLS2 extensor with 400 meters at 100Mbps downstream (Winzer, 2010).

The important conclusion presented in the article

Since technology is always altering, evolving and adapting to cater for many necessities, cat6e would be the most appropriate to use. Some of the advantages of the cat6 cables in comparison with the cat5 cables are the double bandwidths and better safety margins. Further, the cables are capable of future proofing one’s business in case of new technology advances.

Aspects of the article that would be used in the report

Cat5e is capable of running up to 100mb but it is important to ensure that one find an appropriate place on both ends using a fiber run. The cable also offers performance up to 100 MHz and is apposite for utmost varieties of Ethernet over warped pair.

Similiraties with other articles

Other articles also recommend cat5e because it is rated to go up to 1g. Also a cat6 cable would do if you were considering the price. This article supports the same statement since a cat6 cable is capable of running up to 10g but for short distances at the same speed as cat5e if plugged into 1g ports.

Contradictions with others

I do not understand why cat6 is cheaper but I think it has to do with the supply and demand from suppliers and customers respectively.

Summary article 4

The effect on mock-juror decision-making of power-of-speech within eyewitness testimony and types of scientific evidence. According to the article, attorneys and judges, watching programs such as the CSI show has contributed to the wrongful verdicts for defendants by the jurors when no scientific proof has been offered or provided. Some attorneys have aired complaints on the juror’s expectations of DNA tests for nearly all cases which is sometimes very difficult to access. Further, complaints have been that jurors expect the most sophisticated and complex technology probable as well as look similar to those attorneys displayed on television, or rather act the same way.

The important conclusion presented in the article

So much can be done especially if the problem lies in the forensic laboratories where they need more equipment to present harder evidence as expected by the jurors. However, viewers have to understand that some of the occurrences and the presentations made by the attorneys in the crime shows are unreal or fictional. Therefore, it is said that what needs to be done to address the bias heavily lies in the courtrooms. The higher lawful system needs to prioritize regulating the evolving jurors expectations.

Aspects of the article that would be used in the report

Some positive impacts include the fact that jurors are attaining more knowledge. This is because quite a number of jurors watch the CSI shows and therefore have more prospects for scientific proof in trials. However, having a team of more knowledgeable board of judges is not always a good thing as they might think that they are more aware of the forensic proof than they really are. The second positive impact is that there has been an increasing interest in the field of criminal justice.

Similiraties with other articles

Crime shows to a wide extent are increasing interest and knowledge of the legal, investigative and medical experts and their area of expertise in many articles. When such work from the professionals is brought to the public eye, individuals are introduced to the professional opportunities in the criminal justice specialty.

Contradiction of the article

It contradict by saying that it has become harder to prosecute defendants as the jurors expect more complex evidence such as the DNA evidence and the smoking gun.

Summary article 5

Important Tech Breakthroughs of the Past 5 Years

The conference says that Port Scanning is the ethical or legal concern that is most popular and deserves the most attention. It is through port scanning that a hacker can find services that they can break into. When a hacker finds a potential victim, they run a scan that locates multiple ports. Since port scanning is similar to network discovery it is safe to say that it is necessary to consider this very important. Port scanning is often used by system administrators to diagnose problems on their own network. They are allowed to use it because there are currently no laws against them using it. It depends on the situation and circumstances, whether it be used or not. As long as it doesn’t harm or no one suffers damage someone that uses port scanning is safe from being brought up on charges.

Aspects of the article that would be used in the report

Over the past two years there have been a lot of improvements in wireless technology. You see the improvements from network speed to currently what deemed a great improvement of the smart phone. With the debate between Apple and Samsung with their smart phones, Samsung seems to be in the lead with the newest addition to the wireless technology world. They have recently added the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This phone has been created with “all” aspects of nature in thought.

Similiraties with other articles

It clear to see that with the constant improvements on the smart phone that more users are going to gravitate to it. Some apps that are available on smart phones are not the same on a PC and vice versa. I have read and researched that 5 generation articles say the same thing. While 4G has allowed users to begin to offer video that is transforming the cable television and iPTV space, by allowing users to watch T.V. on their smartphones over the wireless network. 5G is said to allow that at much greater speeds.

Contradiction of the articles

It contradicts when it says that with the advancements happening the way that they are it is safe to say that more and more people are going to be using smart phones. So there will be a need for a wireless network that can actually handle the vast number of wireless transmissions that will occur.

Summary article 6

Law of Negligence and Limitation of Liability Act.

The article says that an auditor has liability to its clients to exercise ‘due care' by adhering to professional standards. Failure to this, a company will be at an advantage when fighting the auditors for negligence as noted in the case study of Warehousing Ltd against CFW Ltd. To prepare efficiently for this case, Warehousing Ltd. needs to understand the tort of negligence as it is what will apply in this case. The tort of negligence refers to a legal wrong which one individual suffers as a result of another who fails to take proper care to prevent a foreseeable risk.

Aspects of the article that would be used in the report

There are four aspects of a tort of negligence which must be present in the report before Warehousing Ltd. wins its case against CFW Ltd. These include; duty to care, breach of duty to care, cause, and harm. The duty to care refers to the presence of a legal obligation to the plaintiff. Without this relationship of considerable proximity, there is no way the plaintiff can sue the defendant successfully. Fortunately, the two parties transacted legally, thereby creating the presence of this duty to care. The CFW Ltd. had a duty to ensure that the financial documents presented to Warehousing Ltd. were all up to date with the right information.

Similiraties with other articles

A contractual relationship is present in most article that shows similiraties, as is the case in this situation whereby one company has assumed ownership of the other.

Contradiction of the article

Contradiction on wrong documents were presented despite the fact that they knew it would impact the other company. This shows that they breached the duty to care as they knew it was their obligation as desired by law but still chose to fake the content of the report thereby misleading the buyer.

Summary article 7

5 Trends Shaping Innovation in ICT

According to the article, the new area in the arena of ICT that could have a direct influence are spreading intelligence using the cloud. It is factual that the existence of connected smart, machines, which include automated vehicles and robots, are important in thenetworked society, which has been evolving.

Aspects of the article that would be used in the report

There has been a support from the advancements in AI (Artificial Intelligence). This is particularly present in knowledge management, data analytics, and machine learning. When smart machines are connected to the cloud, they will bemore powerful in terms of computation, storage, and communication of information since they will act as the state-of-the-art data centers.

Similiraties with other articles

The primary reason for most articles is to encourage creativity. It is true that there has been the intensification of research to look at the ways in which intelligence could be spread through the cloud.

Contradiction of the article

The existing methods are not advanced since information technology has been advancing from time to time and there is a need for this career to also advance in a bid to ensure that the method in which technology is spread to the cloud is coherent to today’s technology