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NURS250 Elderly Nursing Health Care Proof Reading and Editing Service


The care of the elders in the society is one of the prime concerns of the policy makers in Australia as the involvement of the people in the society has major role to play in involving the ageing population in the society. The overall policies in the Australian society focus on involving the facilities that the elders in society get proper facilities and help them in getting proper healthcare and other facilities. The importance of the healthcare service to the elderly in Australian society focusses on developing strategy a society which makes the elderly independent and inclusive of the facilities that they need for their sustenance (Dyer et al., 2018). The Australian policies have to be updated constantly to develop policies according to the needs of people in developing times according to the in capabilities that they have in the society. The incapacities that they have must be helped in overcoming and helping the people in maintaining their stand in the society. There are a number of challenges that these policies face in their implementation in the society. The improvement of the facilities for the elderly in the society will help in overall social wellbeing improvement.

In the present society elderly suffer from a number of mental disorders changing from dementia to else I was which affect their overall ability to perform in the society and care has to be taken of their health in a country like Australia the social and cultural needs and ethnic values have also an important role to play information of the various ideologies in functioning of the society. Amritsar provision of service the fundamental rights of the elderly have to be kept intact so that they can function properly and help can be provided to them (, 2018). Thunder the most important ideologies behind the success of the program is giving the older people as birthdays in the society to individuals who play an important role in shaping the society and equal citizens. In this context the following take into account the policies Putin used by Australian social workers who take care of the elderly with special needs and the overall policy overlooking the ideal benefits of elderly Australian society.

Policy Statement

Policy statement focuses on emphasizing and the fact that at an older life stage the elderly need special help and this is to be provided to them from various sources including health care and support. Helps in the formation of the idea of community among the elders and other people in the society rather than that folder Healthcare becoming a long term infirmity or burden on the society.

It needs the support of the sharing government in developing meaningful and integrate Paul will see that facilities of getting the facilities that are impossible. There are few issues that may be highlighted in the policy statement as they are not the whole and sole reasons in which the policy can be implemented in the society. Firstly just the increasing investment is not enough to provide for all the elderly in the society with different needs. The increasing amount of the fees and bonds that are needed for the Healthcare should not Exodus certain limit as it may become a financial burden for the elderly gentleman who do not earn enough. The role of the social workers and the Australian Association of social workers is to provide better facilities to these elderly people with a number of psychological disabilities which have developed with age. The association also follow certain protocols when recruiting people to take care of the elderly and provide them Healthcare facilities. This is because the elderly major general population and specialist supervision may be needed for them.


Aims of AASW for the elderly is to provide them with best Healthcare facilities according to the Australian social cultural norms and improving the condition so that they can sustain themselves in the society. It takes into account that it is the responsibility of the people in the society focus on the field at once in elderly gentleman has done his role in developing and working for the society they are to be taken care of and all the Civil rights that person in the general population has (Stargatt et al., 2017). The policy aims towards social inclusion of the elderly by providing them Healthcare and all the facilities at the general population gets does a holding there fundamental rights.

Target Audience

The target audience for the policy that AASW strive to employment for the overall social welfare focuses on the development of infrastructure and other needs to provide facilities to the people of the age group of 60 and above who may or may not need special attention for their sustenance in the society. Beyond 60 days a General variance on the amount of support needed by the elderly have different ages and according to the physical and psychological disorders that may hinder their overall development. There are a number of diseases that the elderly some suffer from ranging from chronic heart conditions to psychological disorders decals and movers and Parkinson's. One of the most common diseases affecting elderly is dementia which is usually the after effects of diabetes that most people suffer from (, 2018). The psychological disorders are one of the hardest to deal with because the elderly themselves do not understand that petitioner will diseases of the fact that they are affected by those diseases.

The elderly with special needs are same like children with special needs and need special attention to do their daily tasks. Likewise the elderly women suffering from diseases we need the support of people for doing daily chores. Conditions like dementia and Alzheimer's editorial it if conditions who's overall effects May become words with time and the social care workers many assist the elderly in most basic of actions. As far as the live longer interval the planets concerned the provision of early Healthcare service on the age of 60 will help in preventing the onset of such degenerative disorders among the elderly. The 72-80 year old elders perhaps need the most attention as degeneration as is at its Prime. Apart from that the social workers also have to focus on 60 years olds at these people can prevent a number of issues that women I'm them just by changing Lifestyle habits and involving there schedule more actively in games and other health best activities. After the onset of old age and number of elderly may also suffer from related disorders such as anxiety and depression and need the necessary help in that case..


The responsibilities of AASW social worker salary depending on the people and they need of the people whom they serve. The responsibility that the social worker undertake focus on the development of ideologies based on the decreasing of discrimination against the elderly making them Independent and more inclusive in social gathering (, 2018). Decrease in the opportunities of employment of the elderly also decreases manifold and therefore the Australian social workers tried to implement ways in which access to employment can be provided to the people who need it. The rise in the housing prices cause an issue for the elderly to afford housing and other facilities and it is therefore the responsibility of the people in the society to make it affordable and easily accessible for elderly to get coins. This problem has recently led to a major issue with the elderly abuse and a large number of people have been forced into homelessness in the society. The cost of boxes in medical colleges are also to be forgotten in the implementation of this policy (Sluggett et al., 2017). The role of blackness participating factors and the responsibility of the individual in the involvement regarding the social and cultural factors related to individuals and their behaviors have to be taken into consideration. The elderly abuse has become one of the major problems in the present society has more number of elders and facing psychological of financial abuse due to their economic instability. Effects their access to Healthcare and support services tell that and necessary for their sustenance.

Home and community care program has been put forward for the assistance and care to be taken for the housing facilities of the elderly and provide them with the needed care. the package community care will focus on over all facilities to be provided with patients with different psychological disorders acid in Asia and answers and in this sector the Minimum requirements and others as practice will be tested and put in to use. The making of the Digital information and referral system will help the elderly in getting involved easily for Healthcare instead of going through a lengthy procedure which will is there pain manifold (Jeon et al, 2018). One of the major issues that the government chases is it’s a lengthy process and a complex system through which the people have to go for the services that they need in the society.


The provision of quality Healthcare and other facilities are one of the most important factors of implementation of voltage gain reforms. The elderly abuse and dementia related issues at work the major problems that are to be addressed in this context. in the present society elderly abuse is considered as the psychological abuse and financial issues that an elderly person have to go through when they are unfit to social work due to the medical conditions (Gnanamanickam et al., 2018). other than sociological factor this may also be infected by the families which may I was Lee versus the situation for the elderly. On the other hand dementia is a degenerative disorder which gradually takes away the ability of remembering things from the elderly and they gradually news focus on the task at hand. This usually makes it tough for the people to communicate with them and give them task as their short term memory cannot be trusted and they tend to be disoriented most of the time. Policy therefore defines itself in its help of providing the facilities to search address through the social workers in the society. Australian government is planned a number of policies which in turn them with the association of social worker and its Paul uses will make Australia better country for the elderly.


The documentation related to this service should focus on minimal usage of any tough or Complex process which may affect the outreach and feasibility of the process that is being put forward for the overall working of the process.


The effectiveness of the policies that have been put forward by the Australian Association of social worker is because of the extreme expert team and proficiency needed in its execution from the various groups of people. For the success of the strategies of participation needed is from the government and the authority of the local state areas and inclusion to the society to make a better world for the elders. It also takes into account the flexibility in the corporate policies to provide proper work life to the elders who need it (Hillen, Vitry & Caughey, 2017). Other than that they focus on involving volunteers and Healthcare percentage to supervise the elderly in their times of need. Other than the policies the implementation has to be correct and precise for the success of the venture. The different policies that have been scrutinized in the approach have to take into account the fact that the people in the society have a certain bias towards the elderly and the elderly themselves is a number of issues due to the sociological construction the society. It make the implementation tedious process keeping in mind the cultural and ethical barriers along with the age group bifurcation and specialisation needed for different age groups. Add to this the elderly people of different ages of a suffer from a number of disorders and supervision may be required based on the individual necessities. The process of getting the service is also one of the most sought after issues that is faced by the elderly.

Already weary of the old age and correlated problems there are a number of issues that the elderly face in the society. The population of the elderly in the society have to be supervised keeping in mind that they may face a number of social and cultural stigmas based on there is and the this order that they suffer from. To add to this there are a number of issues ranging from social cultural barriers goes on the side of the Healthcare providers and the elderly which is a major barrier to the communication in providing of the services. The training and help that is given to the people in the society for the providing of the services needs special attention and care. The implementation also has direct relation with the train and the geographical location of the area. The government are in to words for getting the services to elderly in every nook and corner of the country but it is not an easy task to achieve due to the terrain and location of individuals in country. The inhibition among individuals and performing tasks in the society in extreme trains is one of the major hindrances in the servicing getting reach to the elderly in remote locations (, 2018). As Australia is a multicultural society the issues that the eldest is may also be cultural diffusion and the intervention from government may not be feasible in such cases.


Despite the level of understanding and implementation there are a number of ways in which the social welfare of the elderly and the Healthcare can be improved. To go into proper provision one has to consider the age of being called elderly and the social condition in which a person becomes one is different and both was were bifurcated and understood by the Australian government. Being an elder is just not a social division but a mental psychological condition that a person has at a certain point of his life regardless the number of his age and in such cases the deterioration and the mental disorders are extreme. People having a struggled life and environment which was in hospital bill train to age faster and people who had a healthy lifestyle at home (, 2018). The various recommendations that can be imposed for a proper functioning of Healthcare and social development process of elderly may consider:

An easy process of access to the Healthcare services: in this case it has to be considered that majority of the elderly in the society are still from the film minorities and Unable to communicate fluently in English. This itself does not make their condition any less Complex or deteriorative. Proper supervision should be given to this people with the aid of translators and even you can understand the language and communicate with them. On the other hand the process of controlling oneself in the Healthcare and elderly service is very complex which is supposed to be made easier and added for its successful implementation in the society.

Overcoming the cultural barriers: the cultural and ethnic barriers are one of the most important hindrances in the elderly seeking the help of services. The fear of cultural bias and ethnic barriers regarding to ageism based decision should be removed so that the approach towards the service is easy and acceptable for the elderly. The communication channels along with ethnic and cultural sharing which is started at a very early age Industrial society now should also be propagated for communication with the elders in the society.

Providing of jobs and other AIDS: majority of the elderly in the society are rendered homeless due to the lack of jobs that they can do due to the is bias and lack of speed that is needed for the performance of the action. It is important that proper jobs should be provided to the elders at up to sustain themselves as most of the elderly are rendered homeless not because of in capacities but the lack of jobs in the society. Becomes there for social responsibility to stop a completely able person become handicapped just because of his age or provide enough reimbursement in case of loss of job so that they can take care of themselves.

This idea of ageism: one has to consider that the concept of age is moreover psychological issue than mathematical one where a certain age is considered unfit for further sustaining a job for performing their functions. In this way instead of retiring personal one can just provide them with alternative jobs to sustain themselves and ate their development. This would reduce the cost on overall infrastructure and will help in reading the people who need it more than the elder sustain for themselves but cannot due to social logical reasons.

The Healthcare behaviour of social workers: the people with health care needs may have a number of disorders and sometimes more than one because of the other. In most cases people suffering from diabetes suffer from dementia and people with extreme handicapped suffer from psychological issues like depression and anxiety disorders. The Healthcare Professional Plus by train beforehand to take care of such elders because I had for special needs they may be a bit tough to contain.


Therefore it can be seen from the different policies that have been put forward for the overall social health care of the individuals of an older age that the government and the society have put steps forward to mitigate the problem of age-related mental disorders and such issues. To add on to this they also keep into consideration the sociological constructs which may make the elderly handicapped by rendering them homeless are financially dependent on someone.


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