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Professional Skills For System Analysis OZ Assignments

Professional Skills For System Analysis Proof Reading Services

1). Organaization Background

Intercontinental Hotels Group plc (IHG) is renowned name in hotel organizations. The IHG is a British multinational hotel organization. The IHG headquarter is in Denham, UK and has 5028 hotels in around 100 countries. These hotels are manages either by franchise agreements or directly by the organization.  IHG brand includes Hotel Indigo, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn Express, InterContinental, Kimpton Hotels and Resorts, Candlewood suites and Staybridge suites. IHG is the first hotel service provider to offer global central commission programs. These programs pay consultants commissions on behalf of IHG Brand hotels. IHG groups works in three different ways:

1.As franchisor

2.As a manager

3.On owned and leased basis

This structure enables the organization to emphasis on increasing fee revenues and margins with limited requirements for capital. Organization conducts its management activity based on market maturity, preference of owner and brand value. For instance in mature market of midscale segment in US, IHG operates largely a franchised business but in expanding market of Asian countries, IHG operates and manages hotels on behalf of the hotel owners. One of the greatest strengths of the IHG is their global network of hotel owners. The organization manages the system funds for the benefits of all hotels in the IHG system with objective of driving maximum revenue (IHG, 2017).  

Total assessments and profits paid by the hotels into the fund are use by the organization in marketing, Rewards Club Loyalty program and the guest reservation system. IHG group strongly believes that success can be mark only by providing excellent services to the customers. For delivering the effective customer services IHG implements customer management system so that customers can get standard level of services.

Professional Skills For System Analysis OZ Assignments

Figure 1: Intercontinental Hotel Group

IHG ensures that only best dealers and suppliers are part of the organization so that standards, requirements, demands and quality of services are not compromise. The organization has classified its supplier base into four segments, which are as follow:

Marketing: The suppliers of marketing requirements ensures that advertising, media, sponsorships, events related demands of organization are fulfill on time.

Technical requirements: In order to manage the global as well as local connectivity within organization, IHG ensures the efficient delivery of hardware and software systems. It also analyses the technical aspects such as enterprise application systems and the implementation of system advancements.

Organizational demands: To execute the operational activities IHG, various resources such as food, beverages, non food services, and engineering and hotel utilities are mandatory to be in regular process flow by proper management of supply and demand services.

Corporate demands: The IHG also ensures that the corporate requirements such as legal and consultancy services, human resources and management and other decision-making considerations and requirements are fulfill (IHG, 2017).

The IHG faces good competition from other components of hospitality industry such as from hotel Hilton, online hospitality service providers which offers more customized hospitality services in terms of facilities and customers and thus are gaining attraction of the customers.

2). Time Management Plan

In the first phase of my assignment, I reviewed the objectives and requirements of the report so that a better understanding can develop and better report is prepare. With a detailed analysis of requirements and objectives when I was able to create an outline, I conduct various searches regarding the desire facts. For 3-5 days, I make researches about the working environment and services of hospitality industry. This analysis gave me an idea about the requirements, current trends, advancements, risk factors and other competitive parameter about the hospitality industry. At this stage, I also decided that I would prepare my report on IHG. Then for 5-8 days, I made efforts to analyze the objectives, challenges, and present scope of the organization. In this research, I also analyzed the suppliers, investors, and other operational participants of the organization. At last, I designed the structure of report with proper formatting and necessary flow diagrams within 7 days (Kerzner, 2013).

2.1 Work breakdown structure (WBS)

Work breakdown structure illustrates the various tasks of report in order to portray the interdependencies of these tasks. The graphical nature of work breakdown structure defines the tasks in accordance with the objectives of the project.

Table 1: Work breakdown structure










Initial investigation


Research on hospitality services and their strategies 

The scope and requirement of report is outline



4 Days


Information analysis


Analysis of current services and development of organisation

Different information aspects of planning and development  are gathered



6 Days


Resources and target analysis


Describes the resource allocation structure and requirements

Stakeholders and suppliers are analysed and review



5 Days


Competitive analysis


Gives an overview of competitive aspect for the organisation

Factors which cause competitor to lead IHG are analysed



5 Days


Investors and profit analysis


Analysis of financial investors and utilization of resources in profit making

Various decision making and planning which cause benefits to organisation are analysed



10 Days


Performance evaluation


Critically evaluate the performance of organisation in hospitality service

Performance of the organisation is reviewed as per the current market trends

In process


6 Days




Appropriate suggestions for improving infrastructure and to expand business at global level

Strategies which minimize the risks and  brings more growth rates are      suggested

Not started


3 Days

2.2 Task-sequencing approaches

Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) Chart is one of the most effective tasks sequencing approach which is use to organise and schedule tasks activities during accomplishments of organisational objectives. The PERT chart clearly depicts the inter relationships between the different activities. In PERT chart each task is represent as graphical illustration and the direction of arrows represents the sequence of tasks (Weaver, 2013). 

Professional Skills For System Analysis OZ Assignments

Figure 2: PERT chart

3. Fact Finding

In order to complete the objectives of the report I have made various fact-findings and researches. I made several researchers from books, journals and websites about the services and operational activities of the hospitality sector. The organisational review of the IHG group allows me to make my research more appealing about the findings of IHG and their strategies. I have made my researches on the competitive impact of other hospitality sectors on the performance and strategies of Intercontinental hotel group. I have also found various challenges, which are face by the organisation in expanding its operational activities across the globe. I have also analysed the various strategies, which can be use by the organisation to integrate its operation of various brands. 

4. Organization Chart

Organisation chart graphically represents the structure of the organisation and shows the relative ranks or positions or its various jobs. It visualise the complete structure of the organisation (Hatch and Cunliffe, 2013). This chart includes managers to sub-workers, directors and other executive officers. Organisational charts show formal relationships only and do not show horizontal relationships or the nature of social relation. These charts do not include customers or leadership styles, which greatly influence the working of the organisation.

Professional Skills For System Analysis OZ AssignmentsFigure 3: Organisational chart

Executive housekeeper: It is the duty of the executive housekeeping manager to monitor and regulate the housekeeping operations of organisation. Executive housekeeper also establishes the coordination between the housekeeping members.

Linen supervisor: Laundry or Linen supervisor is responsible for managing the Linen and uniform attendants. Linen supervisor manages routine operations of the linen rooms and maintains the quality of uniforms.

Floor supervisor: Guests are the first priority of the organisation and thus it is essential for the floor supervisor to maintain the guestrooms, interior, working areas and entire hotel premise in clean and decorate manner. Floor supervisor also ensures that room attendants provide excellent services to their customers in order to achieve positive feedback from the customers. Floor supervisor regularly inspects the guest rooms to ensure that the quality of room services is according to the standards of IHG group (Andrews, 2013).

Night supervisor:  Night manager performs the management duties during the night. Night supervisor also monitors the activities of employees in front office department to ensure that activities accomplishes according to the guidelines.

Horticulturist: To maintain the beauty of interior and exterior of the organisation horticulturist design the displays, maintain gardens, flowers, and presentation of organisation.  

Marketing manager: Marketing executives works on the marketing strategies so that maximum number of customers connects with the organisation. They regularly evaluate the current market trends so to develop their strategies accordingly (Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012).  

Financial and legal advisors: These executives are responsible for managing the financial and other requires resources. They also provide legal advices in all matter of considerations.

Sales and manager: For regularly monitoring, the performance of organisation sales manager makes report about the operational activities of the organisation and reports it to the upper layers of the management.

5. As Is Process

“As is” process is use by the organisation to describe its current state of the performance. This process explains the workflow the operational activities of the organisation.

Professional Skills For System Analysis OZ Assignments

Figure 4: As- Is process

The “As is” process describes the various stages of the current state analysis of the business process of the organisation. For IHG, the advancements in technology and customized facilities are major sector, which requires efforts to maintain the superiority of the organisation. Currently organisation is providing services according to predefine set of standards. With advancements in technology, customers are able to access the high quality services on the low price values. There are several start-ups at online market, which provides excellent services of high quality but according to the requirement and demand of customers. Thus, it is necessary for the IHG to plan some efforts to maintain its customers for long term. In order to improve its technical aspects organisation first needs to implement enterprise application, which effectively manages the planning, and implementation aspects of the organisation ( 2013).

IHG must conduct interviews and suggestions from its customers about their requirements. With these researches, IHG is able to analyse the view of its customers on customize service providing. Organisation must also analyse the impact of these technology advancements on their existing customers as well as on upcoming planning. With the customized service features organisation will get new customers who are far behind the target groups of organisation due economical considerations. There are also some associated risks with the implementation of these advancements. It may happen that these customized service facilities may affect the brand name and quality of service of the organisation, which is the trademark for the organisation. Thus, it will be a great challenge for the IHG to maintain the existing customers, brand value, quality standards and services for which the organisation is acknowledge.

6. Report To Top Management

This report considers the Intercontinental hotel group (IHG) for describing its business flow, processes, challenges, competitive factors, and opportunities for future growth. The report explains the following features about the organisation.

Objective:  The IHG group aims at providing the best hospitality services all around the world with establishment of distinct quality standards in the name of the organisation. The IHG has objective to create large number of customer segmentation for long term and to become the leading hospitality sector by providing the best quality customer services.

Background: The Intercontinental hotel group (IHG) is a multinational hotel group, which has its branches all over the world. Organisation is one of the leading hotel organisations and is accomplish by more than 350,000 employees, which works in around 100 countries. The organisation has significantly marked its global presence with 5,174 hotels globally and around 767,135 rooms. The organisation provides the online facilities to book rooms in prior and to make online payments. For effectively connecting customers for long term with quality services organisation also provides customer services as first priority to manage and handle the difficulties of customers. Such approach helps organisation to create a brand image in front of the target groups as well as competitors. To provide the best quality of services IHG ensures that only best candidates are select for providing services to the organisation. The IHG groups follow a strict selection and recruitment process to ensure the availability of the most efficient human resources (IHG, 2017). The organisation is also following the expansion approach for its operation by developing its units in various parts of the world.

Process Undertaken:

In this report, I have analysed the various aspects of the working of IHG in order to accomplish its organisational goals. In order to lead organisation must concentrate on bringing more customers with organisation. The organisation is already having a leading trademark in terms of quality of services provide but with increasing advancements in marketing scenario it is very difficult for the organisation to maintain its brand value and growth. Recently the organisation comes into controversies with its project of new opening in Lhasa, Tibet. The organisation was oppose by number of people throughout the world with the fact that IHG is destroying the cultural heritage of the Lhasa and is not aware about the sustainable development. In order to retain its position in market it is essential for the organisation to keep such controversies away. It is challenging but an essential task for the IHG to sustain the growth without being involving in such controversies. Such issues affect the performance of the IHG in an adverse manner. Organisation must also ensure all necessary technical advancements of internet marketing adopts by the organisation to keep its operational activities ahead of the quality standards. IHG also aims at providing customize services as per the need of current requirements of technically advanced customers.


The organisation is no doubt, a leading hotel organisation but still it can improve its performance as compare to its competitive organisations such as Hilton, Pine trees Lodge, Ovolo Woolloomooloo, and other popular online start ups which are providing quality services with lower price range. In order to accomplish greater competitive advantage IHG must evaluate and monitor its performance regularly along with critical analysis of performance of its competitors. The organisation must aims at providing advanced services with easy customers interface. To connect with more customers who are still not the part of organisation such as routine travellers, historic visitors who use to join lower price accommodation services, IHG must develop new strategic plans. With the involvement of online retailers organisation is facing tough competition. To sustain   in the competitive flow IHG must focus on making new customized features, which provides hospitality services according to the requirements and expectations of customers (Dale, 2015).  This feature allows customers of various ranges to connect with IHG in accordance with their expending range. It is also necessary for IHG to keep updated with technology and on social networking platform and on other digital marketing fields. Such approach helps IHG to sustain the growth for long run.


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