PRS303 Public Relations Management Paper Editing Services

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PRS303 Public Relations Management Paper Editing Services

 Introduction to the firm

The public relations as well production firm ZIA creative networks was allocated with the public relations campaigns of representation of the Retirement pensions as well as benefits fund in Abu Dhabi (, 2018). This organisation have a very strong brand presence within Abu Dhabi and also in the business strategy domain of UAE. The organisation have been entitled to manage the domains of creative design, branding and packaging, advertising, event management and production of promotional content for the UAE authority wing.

2. Campaign analysis

The Pensions and Benefits fund in Dubai is of high importance for the UAE government. This fund have been founded by the contemporary government of UAE in 2000. This have been a public welfare and development fund that have been managing contributions, pensions as well as end of service advantages for the nationals of UAE. Hence this government campaign is faceted at attracting the attention of the officials who are either retired, from government service, or from the semi government sector as well as the private sector. This campaign is particularly conducted to entice the professionals who are not aware of the fund or the responsibilities that it undertakes.

Many retired professional have grievances regarding the monetary benefits that they have received after their retirements. Even, researches by Allagui (2017), have confirmed that the officials at the UAE at places like Emirates or Abu Dhabi are mostly among those deprived of the benefits after service. This campaign is a prolonged endeavour. The organisation have been conducting a sincere primary as well as reflective campaign. The agency have been organising various promotional content for the newspapers and online forum which are simple in content and written in large fonts. The campaign is designed strategically and only incorporate those prospects that are of real importance for the retired people.

The government have received comparatively high rate of responses regarding the grievances of the old age people and often people who have just retired to enquire about their doubts regarding their pension. About 20% have expression awe on learning that such a forum actually exists. Furthermore, about 65% of the people who have required since the campaign commenced in 2014, did mention that they have learnt about the forum, its attributes and the ways it helps people from the PR campaign.

The campaign have included social media highly as its source of spreading the awareness among the public. However, a debate can be raised here. About only 19% of the retired people in UAE use the social platforms actively. As an impact, Allison (2018), have raised concern over the productivity of the campaign. However, Al-Jenaibi (2015), speaks in contrast that the proportion by which the younger generation follows social media is huge and the campaign wants to sue the word of Mouth publicity for the spread of awareness.

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