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Reflective Writing Report Paper Editing Services

Reflection on the activity

Innovation in business has always been a fascinating topic for students and I too am one of them. With an aim to understand the concept of innovation in business more clearly, I decided to undertake the Creative designscourse and learn about the Design Thinking mindset. The classes were very productive as those helped me have a clearer idea about creative thinking in business. Innovation in any business, I found, was related to creative thinking and this creative design thinking came from adopting a design thinking approach. According to this approach, analyzing and solving any problem is done by following an experimental method (Górska & Soroko, 2017). However, I have found that the critical thinking process associated with decision-making is not the same as the one associated with analyzing and solving problems. Innovative approach involved the adoption of a customer-centric business model that gives priority to the customer’s needs and convenience. This approach also enables the business to provide the best services to the people.

After undertaking the course and completing the activities, I acquired more confidence in it and to learn better, I indulged in activities such as researching and identifying practical examples. I found the example of Apple Company, which is largely inclined towards innovation in business. My research found that the company does not involve in market research or secrecy to launch a new product and in spite of this approach, it has managed to launch many products successfully. This example gives evidence of innovative approach and its effectiveness in business. I feel that Design Thinking is very useful to raise the value of any product and consequently of any company in a specific market (Prokhorov & Chernov, 2015).

It is very striking that before commencing the activities, I had no idea about the role of innovation in businesses. The activities have cleared my understanding about Design Thinking and I feel that it would be helpful for my personal development as well to follow an analytical approach. Delving deep into the aspect, I came to know that innovation in business is linked with creative thinking. I have learnt that application of brainstorming activities brings innovation within the business activities. I think mind mapping for the activities is fruitful in terms of enhancing the awareness towards the effective sources, which would improve my thinking process. Undertaking experimental tasks enhances my creativity and broadens the scope and arena of my design thinking process. This is because experiments consists of problems, which needs to be solved through the application of various solutions (Haarhoff, Thwaites & Bennett?Levy, 2015).

During the activity, I learnt that innovation was not associated with critical thinking process, which is needed for decision-making. I got to know that in terms of undertaking prospective decisions, critical thinking needs to be applied. For this, reference to the external sources is needed in terms of broadening the scope and arena of the thoughts, ideas and concepts. Here, I can relate an example of a company, where innovative approach is adopted for providing quality services to the customers. I felt that conscious approach towards the needs of the customers improves the focus of the personnel into the business activities. This consciousness can be considered as one of the essential traits of the personnel in terms of achieving large scale customer satisfaction. Analysis of the exposed approach is needed in terms of examining its effectiveness, appropriateness and feasibility (Easterby-Smith & Cunliffe, 2017). I think hypothetical planning seemed beneficial in terms of assessing the positive and the negative impacts of the applied design thinking. I got to know that hypothetical planning is needed in the management process for examining the impact of the implemented decisions on the profit and loss of the companies and organizations.

After completing the activities, I felt that my understanding about the concepts of design thinking has noticeably improved. The major drive behind this is the evaluation and the action plans, which I prepared before commencing the activities. I also referred to the external sources for executing the evaluation. During the activities, I researched about innovation adopted by Apple. I learnt that they adopt customer centric approach in the process of providing innovative services to the customers. During this, I also found that Apple does not conduct any research before launching any product. In spite of this, the company is one of the reputed brands in the market. However, I think this approach is inappropriate in terms of luring the customers. Divine and Zachry, (2018), prior to the product launch, the personnel need to study about the demands of the customers. As the approach is to gain the attention of the customers, therefore, strategies are needed in terms of systematizing and organizing the activities according to the priorities.

I think that in terms of personal development also, strategic planning is needed before conducting any activity. This planning helps in exposing proper approach towards the duties and responsibilities. Along with this, creating action plans proved beneficial for me in terms of displaying systematic approach towards the activities. I learnt that allotting time limits for the tasks proves advantageous in terms of the enhancing the confidence towards completing the activities with perfection. Contacting the experts helped me in assessing whether the learning process adopted is effective in terms of reaching to the goals. If I expose similar attitude to that of Apple, I would never be able to reach to the identified and specified goals.

After completing the activities, I felt that analytical skills have been inculcated within me. The major drive behind this is the evaluation, which I conducted for the performance displayed by me. Taking into consideration the checklists assisted me in assessing the extent to which I have emerged successful in gaining control over my performance. After this, I conducted personality tests for bringing into the forefront the drawbacks. Recommendations from the experts proved beneficial for me in terms of improving the personality. Here, I can bring the cognitive approach of learning. Observing my team members assisted me in reducing the knowledge gaps for the areas, where I lacked adequate awareness.

At the end of completing the activities, I feel that the skills, which I have learned, carries great value in terms of attaining better placement in the future. This is because of the analytical tools of mind mapping, journey mapping, and rapid prototyping among others. Mind mapping helped me in projecting the sources, through which I could reach to the targeted goals. In conducting the activity of mind mapping, I found the steps adopted by companies like Apple for achieving customer satisfaction. The branches for the aspects enhanced my understanding regarding the basic concepts. This also proved appropriate in terms of projecting the possible avenues through which I can attain knowledge development.

Journey mapping seemed effective for me in terms of gaining an insight into the processes adopted by companies like Apple. This is in terms of fulfilling the identified and the specified goals. I mapped their progress and conducted its 3D representation, which enhanced my awareness regarding the different angles of approaching the business operations. Along with this, the process broadened the scope and arena of my thought process. Sharing the data among the friends helped me in reducing the knowledge gaps. I used online methods for sharing the data. This brings the aspect of technological skills, which, I think revolutionized the aspect of design thinking. Making use of search engine optimization is one of the examples, which I can relate in this context. With the use of this tool, I could upgrade my knowledge about the basic concepts regarding design thinking. Along with this, I can also make mention of keyword search, which helped me in reaching to my exact requirements.

I can also refer to journey mapping, which made me aware of the journey through which companies like Apple underwent for achieving success. Mapping the journey proved effective for me in terms of learning about the struggles, which the company bore for emerging as a people’s brand. This activity enabled me to conduct my life journey. Therefore, I mapped the journey, consisting of the struggles, which I did for fulfilling the identified and specified goals. This included action plans and checklists for gaining consciousness towards my strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. I think the personality tests proved effective in mitigating the intensity of the threats. Attending personality development courses proved beneficial for me in terms of working towards upgrading the current skills, expertise and knowledge.

Critical analysis

As per the opinions of Kocielnik, Xiao, Avrahami and (2018), self-reflection is a crucial activity in terms of ensuring the attainment of personal development in an efficient and effective manner. This activity can be performed after conducting the personality tests. Conducting self-evaluation proves beneficial in terms of assessing the effectiveness, appropriateness and feasibility of the performance. This is applicable both in the personal and professional spheres of life. In most of the cases, I have seen that managers instruct the employees to execute reflections. However, I think if the employee benefits conduct reflection, it assists them to improve their performance. This is because reflection helps them in recapitulating on the exposed performance. This recapitulation enables the individuals to regulate and control their emotions. I think this regulation is necessary in terms of exposing matured approach.

With the approach, I can relate behavioral theory into the context. Execution of reflection is both a planned and reasoned action. This is because reflection helps in assessing the effectiveness of the exposed behavior. I think carrying out the reflection before someone points out the drawbacks, reflects the initiatives towards venturing into the path of leadership. With the aspect of leadership, I can bring trait theory into the concept. As opined by Ivy and Jacobs, (2017), reflecting on the activities performed, is one of an important trait of the individuals. Maintaining consistency in reflecting on the performance can be related to the Great Man Theory. Consistent reflection on the displayed performance upgrades the personality of the individuals. Consulting the experts about improving the personality makes the individuals great.

Before doing the activity, I had zero knowledge about innovation within business. However, undertaking various experimental activities enhanced my awareness regarding innovation playing a major role in altering the workplace scenario. Researching on companies like Apple helped me to gain an understanding about the basic concepts related to marketing. Within this, search engine optimization and keyword search directly took me to the required information. These initiatives broadened the scope and arena of my thinking skills. The results, which I received through the execution of these activities improved my creativity and innovation. I feel that initiatives of project mapping, mind mapping, rapid prototyping acts as analytical tools for improving my skills, abilities and competencies related to design thinking.

During the process of executing the activities, I got the guidance and support of senior and the experienced members. This support helped me in evaluating the effectiveness, appropriateness and feasibility of my displayed performance. The tutors inculcated within me self-organizational skills, which helped me in systematizing the activities according to the priorities. In this stage, I took the assistance of the checklists, which enabled me to track my performance according to the identified and specified goals. The column of recommendation in the checklists reflected my initiatives towards correcting my personality. Consulting the experts online is one of the other example of using analytical tools for improving design thinking (Hao et al., 2016). Launching the learning process on the online sites enhanced my awareness about the prospective customers, who would help me in bringing to the forefront the drawbacks in my performance. I think shortlisting the candidates is also an evaluation in terms of modifying the current personal skills, abilities and competencies. With all these aspects, I can relate transformational leadership. Experimental activities acted as an agent in terms of transforming my personality.

During the activity, I found that successful companies like Apple lacks strategic planning. In spite of this, the brand is a successful one among the customers. I wondered at such approach. I felt that strategic planning is necessary in terms of completing the tasks according to their priorities. Evaluation and reflection of the plans is fruitful in terms of assessing its effectiveness before launching the services for the customers (Schön, 2017). In the process of this activity, I found that this evaluation is also effective for me in terms of examining its feasibility in terms of the identified and specified goals. This assessment is effective for gaining an insight into the appropriateness for the paths adopted for attaining personal and professional development.

Future scope

The activity, which I undertook has several prospects for me in the future. Through search engine optimization and keyword search, I gained technical skills. This acts as an opportunity for me to enhance my design thinking. I think attending certificate or diploma courses on information technology would help me in improving my skills on automation.

Practicing critical analysis would enhance my creativity and innovation. For this, taking the help of mind mapping can be one of the effective options. Writing critical analysis of the open ended narratives can suffice the need for upgrading innovative skills. Indulging in open forums and discussions with colleagues, seniors and tutors would also broaden my perspectives regarding the issues. Undertaking challenging and enduring tasks would increase my confidence in carrying out the tasks with confidence. I personally feel that setting goals and time limits for the tasks would be effective in altering my approach towards the allocated duties and responsibilities. Regularly tracking the performance would make me aware of the changes, which I need to make for reaching to the benchmark level of performance.

Setting of goals is crucial in terms of improving the focus in the execution of the activities. Without goals and strategies, performance holds no value. Moreover, goals and strategies adds value to the performance. I think consciousness towards setting goals is one of an important behavioral traits. Creating realistic and achievable goals would be a planned activity in terms of attaining personal development. Assessing the effectiveness, appropriateness and feasibility of the goals is a reasoned behavior in terms of exposing matured approach towards enhancing professionalism. Judgmental rationality is an important concept, which I think is vital in terms of implementing the proposed strategies. Assessment of the benefits and the impacts, before implementation of the strategies helps me in enhancing the decision-making process.


Lack of awareness regarding the basic concepts is obvious at the initial stage. However, undertaking experimental activity proved beneficial for me in terms of enhancing my learning process. Consulting the experts about the adopted learning methods proved fruitful in terms of assessing whether I was progressing on the right path towards the attainment of personal development. Taking the assistance of analytical tools like mind mapping, journey mapping, rapid prototyping enhanced my awareness about the concepts related to design thinking. Evaluation of the learning processes seemed beneficial in terms of seeking the prospective avenues, which I can avail for achieving personal and professional development.

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