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In the present situation media plays a great role to motivate people to travel. It has been seen that through media people can get to know about the new places. The pictures which are seen through media motivate them to travel to different places. Also travel motivation is related with the satisfaction of the people which is derived when people travel to new places.

Motivation is considered as one of the factor which is essential for every employee. It has been seen that if there is no motivation then it can be difficult for the individual to be happy and positive towards the activities. So, the motivation for travel is also one of the factors that can be derived by seeing the post of the other people who are visiting at the new places. In this the major part is related to the media. Media is one of the source through which people can search and also take views of the other people in international relation to the actual place (Munar & Jacobsen, 2014).

Motivation for travel can be enhanced if focus is given on the media. It has been seen that in the present situation, the people who travel to the new places post their pictures on the social sites. The pictures are posted by the people on the social sites like Facebook and Twitter and by seeing the post of other people the other individual can also feel motivate and desires can be created to visit that particular place (Ngai, Tao & Moon, 2015).

It has also been seen that social media is considered as the group of internet based applications in which the pictures or the posts are shown on the public platform. Through social media, people can easily gain the accurate information and it helps in promoting the tourism. Through social media sites it can be simple for the people to take into consideration the official tourism website and also the travel agents (Öz, 2015).

Also there are many types of social media platform that can motivate the people to travel. The types are related to social media sites, blogs, virtual social worlds, virtual games and content communities. It has been examined that Facebook is considered as the social media platform through which people can easily grab the information related to travelling. People nowadays share their views and experience through social media sites and due to this the impact can be seen on the overall decision making process of the people. The people feel motivated and happy to take decisions by discussing with the people of the social network sites.

Problem statement

The problem statement is related with “Impact of media on travel”. Media also impact the decisions of the people. It has been seen that when people plan to visit a particular place then they search it on various media platform like on social platform. So, by searching on these it has been seen that their views and opinion for the particular place changes and also it can change the entire decision of the individual. It has also been seen that travellers gather the information from the sources before going to visit the place and sometimes by seeing the post of the other people they feel motivated to visit the place. So, media sometimes enhance the desire of the individual to explore the places and also it sometimes change the decision of the customers towards places (Tanford & Montgomery, 2015).

The influence of online information technology services also impact the overall plan of the people to visit the place. It has become an important source for the travelers to gather the information at the time of planning a trip (Amaro, Duarte & Henriques, 2016).

Also it has been seen that if through other media sources like television or radio, a place is criticized or negative factors has been analyzed then it can impact the overall planning of the individual and also it can change the entire plan of the individual. It has been seen that when people visit to the place they explore information and this information can only be gathered with help of social media. So, through media it has been seen that negative affect can be seen on the decision making process as customers can easily analyze the actual situation of the place (Chung & Koo, 2015).

Through social media it has been seen that customers can view the pictures of the destinations and according to that their overall mindset changes towards visiting a particular place. So, it is important for the people to take the right decision by focusing on the media or sources of media like social media as it can help to gather the information and can also motivate the travellers to visit the best places they want to visit.


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