Research Report of Corporate Universities Proof Reading Services

Research Report of Corporate Universities OZ Assignments

Research Report of Corporate Universities Proof Reading Services

1.Executive Summary 

The present research report highlights some important information regarding the corporate universities. The reports start with a complete introduction of the corporate universities and their features and ends with conclusion and recommendations part. To promote the understanding of corporate university example of Hamburger University started by McDonalds and Apple University started by Apple is taken in main body of the secondary research report. Extensive use of secondary data was there behind drafting of the report. This report explain the makeup, advantages, disadvantages associated with corporate universities and also include some points which explain how and why the curriculum of the university is regarded as adaptable and flexible according to the standards of university. The report also explains the importance of corporate universities in relation to the strategic and training and development related competencies of the organization. The drawbacks of these universities are also explained and a list of references is also attached to highlight the sources from where relevant information were taken.


The corporate universities gained importance in late 80’s throughout the world and is supported by large and successful industrial houses. Generally these university offer accredited programmes closely related to line of their functioning or departments(Allen M., 2007).One of the important objectives of the corporate university is related to preparation of the stuff by keeping in mind the future requirement of the organization and trains the students accordingly so that they can be helpful in completion of strategic intent and mission of the company. The concepts of corporate universities are important to ensure a good financial health of the company in long run there by reducing the cost of procurement of human resources and other related resources. The striking difference between traditional and corporate university is related to its intent and alignment to the strategic intent and training initiatives. The main aim of corporate university is to guide the teaching and training practices towards attainment of the main line mission and vision of the organization.

3.Main Body

Corporate university is an educational academy/ entity started by a corporate house and which assist in completion of the strategic endeavors of the parent organization. Corporate universities are not basically like the traditionally academic universities as understood but in fact they are corporate academy where the strategy is networked with knowledge according to the mission of organization and need of the market and organizations. The corporate universities are institutions having out of the box way of explanation and they try to prepare stuff for future, they are not concentrating of past(Allen M., 2002).. Some of the top grade organization and successful organization which are regarded as standard to be followed by other organization are now coming out with a new trend to start with a corporate universities. A lot of example can be there to explain the present concepts like McDonalds, apple, HCL etc. These multinationals have started their own universities to pursue their company specific strategies. To strengthen the activities related to corporate learning and training facilities they have started corporate university set up. The modules and course structure if though guided by the recommendations of accrediting  agencies and national education pattern but its professional training and development aspects is developed by a team of professionals and representatives of the parent company(Allen M., 2007).. The learning style, methodologies compel and guide the student/ learner to grow and develop towards a specific direction in line with the visioning mission of the parent company. The careful designed and applied curriculum cast a sustainable long term positive on the financial goodness of the company and its HR operations.  The important aspect which is related to the setting up of corporate universities is related to up gradation in knowledge and a remarkable improvement in organization related or corporate related learning activities. The dynamic environment calls for a classic balance between the skills, product and the environmental aspects and at the same time organization also concentrates on creating unique competitive advantage and value propositions, hence to ensure this they have started the corporate universities through which nurtured and trained students could be produced who can take the challenges in an effective way and also contributes something positive to the organization and business environment.  A corporate university not only increases the efficiency and productivity of individuals but also provides them with a competitive edge and also can be regarded as a good target for application of the new philosophies and knowledge. Corporate universities increases both learning and adaptability of the enrolled participants/ students and try to strengthen their skills and strategic intent for the final strengthening of the organization. One of the distinct strength of such universities is adaptation which finally guarantees availability, skills and less operational cost to the organizations. These universities promote strong linkage between the strategic intent and learning and ensure the organization about the skills and stuffs which they might get in near future (Donoghu F., 2008).In strengthening strategic management aspects and knowledge base these universities are proved to be important and significant.  The corporate universities are a good investment options for corporate houses because they design the programme and ensure its coordination with the strategy of the parent organization to address the needs of the learner, expectations and the requirements of the parent organizations. The scope of the accredited degree programme and its adaptation and adaptability (Provided by the Corporate University) strengthen the knowledge awareness and value chain amongst the students and the designated learning is facilitated via integrated approach of training and development. The corporate houses try to make the curriculum and training programme more realistic and practical so that the learning student gets mastery in it (Donoghu F., 2008).  .

Research Report of Corporate Universities OZ Assignments

4.Example of Corporate Universities

Hamburger University –The Hamburger University was founded by Fred Turner in 1960. The basic objective behind the opening up of Hamburger University was to train the students to learn and strengthen the restaurant operations, cleanliness maintenance and enhanced service in actual work scenario at the restaurant. The motto of the university is to train and develop committed and adaptable people having values and honors. The teaching methodologies of Hamburger University include the effective use of interactive learning, e learning, self study and classroom training programme. The university also helps the students in deciding the optimal carrier path to them in the field of restaurants operation and management. They also facilitate the learning of students through their 22 operational training centers. Hamburger University promotes the leadership content and make the students technically specified in restaurants management and operations. The courses of the University are fully Approved and Accredited.

Apple University– This University is promoted by Apple inc, located in California the university provides a classic training facility to students. This university was established by the Late Steve Jobs in 2008. The main objective of Apple University is to explain the work culture, tradition, history of Apple to the student and tm make them experts in a specific domain and to introduce flexibility and adaptability in them so as to terminally fulfill the strategic intent and requirements of the organization in near future. The faculty and teaching resources of Apple University are invited from University of Yale, MIT etc. (beside regular intellectual capital) and they work in conjugation with management and staff of Apple to train and guide students. Practical teaching approach, simulation and case studies are the most favourable teaching method at the university and the some of the star accredited courses of Apple University are Project planning and management, Vendor management and Supply chain, Communication and the philosophies, strategies and decisions at Apple.

5.Reasons behind establishment of Corporate Universities

1.Promotion of organizational learning- The organizational learning is promoted to a greater extent by these corporate universities. With the help of standard learning code and practices adopted the organizational learning is promoted(Gardner H., 2006).The students/ employees gain considerable learning with respect to the standard practices and philosophies of organization.

2.Training of Employees– The knowledge and skills of employees with respect to a specific trade is increased as well  as the overall decision making skills of students/ employees is tried to be increased. The demonstrators’ takes help of scheduled as well as non scheduled training and development activities to increase the required skills.

3.Development of Company strategy through integrated training approach– The corporate universities also help the organization to strengthen through a networked and integrated approach.

4.Advancement and redesigning the learning capabilities– The corporate universities also results into an increased learning capabilities and finally as a result of this a distinct competitive advantage is created both in r4elation top organizations and students

5.For a Good apprenticeship– It can also be treated as a source of a good apprentice where in academics the collaborations can be made between the general academics, training and strategic intent.

6.A considerable reduction in the cost of Recruitment, selection and other functions of HRM– The corporate university develop the student to cater the needs of organization in near future. These universities nurture and develop the students into a focus group according to the future needs of organization and hence the need of identification and the respective cost involved can be decreased to a considerable extent (Towers B., 2000). The corporate universities and its course  

7.Increasing flexibility and adaptability of Potential employees– The corporate universities has resulted into improvement in integrated skills of students (Who are regarded as potential employees for organization in future). Proper training facilities and upgraded methodologies have resulted into increased potential and adaptability of employees. The course curriculum and the designing of the methodologies is competitively designed so as to increase the adaptability of employees (Thompson Jr. A., Gomble E.J., Jain A.K., 2006) .

8.Strengthening goodwill and creation of win – win situation– Corporate universities are very important to create a win - win situation for both corporate and students. On one hand the strategic intent and the main objectives of the corporate houses get fulfilled and on the other hand the skills and technical specifications of students get upgraded.


1.Empowering people and students– As compared to the traditional university teachings the corporate university increases the commitment of strident to learn and through practical oriented teaching and training. This aspect not only transforms the personality into strong one but at the same point of time the personal and professional development of candidate is guaranteed

2.Branding benefits from corporate universities– The corporate university successfully market the name, logo of its parent company thereby offering unique branding advantage. The successful advertisement on web published sources, collaborative study programmes from colleges and certified institutes results into a strong brand presence. Its collaboration with the universities and colleges makes it advantageous from the point of view of organization. Practical, training oriented events offer additional advantage with respect to branding(Grenzer J.W., 2006).

3.Fulfillment of differential training needs– The corporate university programmes are accredited training oriented programmes and involvement of certified trainer, teachers and senior executives etc has increased the scope of the programmes offered and has fulfilled the differential training needs of the students.

4.Improved HR Efficiency and decreased turnover– Employee remain with the organization till their financial, training and developmental needs age getting fulfilled. The programmes offered at corporate universities provide an integrated growth network to students. The programme includes certified developmental programmes and provides an opportunity to grow and learn and ensured advancement in career in the aforesaid organization(Jarvis P., 2012).The industrial oriented personal and professional development increase the knowledge and coordination part between candidate, career and organization and a sustainable culture develops as a result of which the HR efficiency increases and commitment increases (in relation to future endeavors).


1.Double edged sword– The corporate university model allows us to enjoy a lot of advantages in terms of strategic aspects, training and developmental aspects and alignment of organizational specific culture and work tradition but if the training programmes and modules on corporate universities are not carefully planned then instead of being an advantageous venture the organization can experience demerits and it will also result in negative branding and decreased competencies. If the commitment of organization towards knowledge, learning and training is not strengthen then the potential threats can develop and the brand name will also be hampered negatively.  

2.Non replication of the actual working scenario– Sometimes the corporate universities are criticized for their non compliance with the actual real works training and strategic scenarios. The rare often criticized on the basis of the quality and standard of the material which they are using to train and develop student(Jarvis P., 2012).. The education/ instruction manuals used by these corporate universities are often mismatched with the skills contents and expectations of the students.

3.Increase in expenditure– To open a university and to run it successfully is a relatively tough task. The cost of building, training, and teachers adds to the expenditure schedule of the organization(Jarvis P., 2012).. It often intersects with the profit motive of the organization and the tendency of up gradation as compared to the market standard and demand adds to it. 

4.Stiffness towards the practices adopted in the parent corporate company– The knowledge, training schedule and the dissemination process at corporate university is highly oriented towards the practices of organization and its philosophies and it makes it difficult to develop from an independent point of view. The content and methodologies of corporate universities are often criticized on the basis of their narrow and guided approach rather than an open and independent one.


Corporate universities are not basically like the traditionally academic universities as understood but in fact they are corporate academy where the strategy is networked with knowledge according to the mission of organization and need of the market and organizations. The concepts of corporate universities are important to ensure a good financial health of the company in long run there by reducing the cost of procurement of human resources and other related resources. They are a better investment options for the corporate housed which will address their needs in future.


On the basis of the research undertaken I would like to recommend that, though the Corporate Universities are a better investment options for Organizations as they get the potential skills for future but the training programmes offered should be more wider in scope and should be more close to the real life practical scenario of the organization in specific. The designing part and professional content of the corporate universities should be made more flexible and adaptable according to the need and mission of the organization and market. The corporate universities should try to comply with organization specific targets, codes and professionalism.


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