Sales Promotional Marketing Proof Reading Services

Sales Promotional Marketing Proof Reading Services


Being one of the longest standing solar power providers on Long Island, Greenlogic Solar systems has remained unique in its activities by helping thousands of people to reduce electricity bills through the incorporation of the use of sunlight to provide power. The company had a-good reputation for numerous award winnings and great acts of charity towards the society; mybusiness managementwishes to present a one-year Marketing plan for Greenlogic Solar Energy Systems. This company being founded on the year 2005, it has stood the test of time to-help people by reducing their electricity bills. The company based on Long Island has become-a resort to many people.By the company working with one of The toptechnology providers in solar electricity, wind, and geothermal electricity, it can produce high quality and reliable source of energy due to sufficient back-up. Through the provision of quality services, GreenLogic Solar Systems has also been able to create good customer relations which are evident from the testimonials from the customers, and this makes it easy to convince more customers to consider the company. The company with-the proper vision from the founders has been able to maintain diligence, professionalism, and expertise which has been efficiently demonstrated through their Working processes. This gives the company an upper hand in the market making an avenue for more customers. With a lot of customers and available room for the expansion, Destiny Business Consultancy has come up with a one-year promotional budget to enable Greenlogic Solar Systems to expand their services to a bigger market view.

Project selection and rationale

With a lot of potentials to reach and give services to a lot of customers, Destiny Business consultancy has discovered that GreenLogic Solar Systems has not developed Marketing campaigns to market their products and create awareness to more people about their services and the benefits of using solar power as opposed to other power sources. Greenlogic being a business that has maintained an excellent reputation over the years, it has a great potential to create their brand awareness to the target markets but unfortunately has not made enough efforts towards doing so. Destiny consultancy has discovered through deep research that the most effective ways to increase sales are through using different strategies to expand your target market to accommodate broader range-of consumers. Moreover, due to the partnerships that Greenlogic Solar systems have with other companies, there is a-big avenue through which such awareness can be made ("GreenLogic Solar Energy Systems" 2018).

Campaign audience profile

In determining the suitable target audience for GreenLogic, it is important first to note that it trades in systems that generate electricity from the solar radiation and therefore, the size of the installation will depend on the solar radiance at the site. It is similarly important to note that electricity once generated has to be consumed. Otherwise, it will be wasted, more so, solar energy works with time because it depends on solar radiation which is only available for less than twelve hours a day. The demand for electricity continues to grow because of factors Like Population increase. Research shows that the demand for electricity has grown faster than the overall energy consumption, which in turn has grown faster than the overall world Population. This is more so evident in developing countries which experience significant economic growth. With GreenLogic Solar Energy Systems not only providing solar electricity, but also solar water heating solutions and house warming solutions such information should be at the top of the advertisement strategies of the company as this will not only draw people who need alternative sources of power but-also people seeking other benefits that come with-the solar ("GreenLogic solar energy systems", 2018).

Demographic segment

With Approximately 70% of the population in Australia depending on fossil fuels and other forms of energy, there is a-big need of aMarketing planfor solar powered energy. To gain a competitive advantage, Destiny Business consultancy intends to market the diversity of the products of GreenLogic Solar Energy Systems by advertising other services that are offered alongside the solar electricity, which is the water heating solar energy and the room warming solar energy among others.

Primary and secondary targets

With the unstable supplies of electricity in Long island and the dwindling prices of fossil fuels like petrol, kerosene, and gasoline, the primary target for Greenlogic Solar Energy Systems is the local communities in Long Island. GreenLogic Company having Engaged in a lot of charity work in the surrounding communities as a way of giving Back to the society, Destiny Business consultancy intends to use that avenue to reach out to the communities and enlighten them about the services the company offer and the long term advantages of using solar as opposed to other sources of power. On the other hand, due to the partnerships that GreenLogic Solar Energy systems have with other companies, there is an avenue to involve them in the Marketing plan to-help Improve the Marketingnetwork securityas a Secondary target.

Psychographic segment

The psychographic segment determines the lifestyle and the values of the targeted market. GreenLogic Solar Energy Systems deals with very affordable products. The cost of the product projected over a period is very affordable to people living in the Long Island and Australia at large. Secondly, due to massive industrialization and the use of fossil fuels, there is need to reduce the use of-such fuels to avoid environmental pollution which will, in turn, affect the lives of the people living in Australia. As opposed to other fossil fuels solar is also noise free which makes it very efficient for the users as there are no side effects due to noise destructions.

Despite GreenLogic Solar Energy Systems are thriving in the business and getting good feedback from its customers, the information mentioned above shows some of its Marketing weaknesses which can be improved with the a-good Marketing plan. Destiny Business consultancy has a-good marketing plan that targets wider range-of customers and methods to Convince the customers about the use of solar energy.

Since there are no more bills to be-paid after the installation fees, GreenLogic provides a lifetime solution to its customers, not only through providing electricity energy but also solar energy for hot water through anew energy efficient water heater, drying clothes and further, helps in heating homes through high efficient multi-zoned electric heaters. GreenLogic Solar Systems Company has a reputation for proper delivery with a record of minimal delays. This has enabled it to create a good name. Nevertheless, there is still a need to advertise further. This will enable the business to thrive so fast while creating international connections and be-able to compete well among other international solar production companies. The company has also been able to acquire well-trained personnel who are versed with knowledge as-far as-the installations are concerned with a reputation of a proper team playing and coordination among the workers. All these good qualities enable the company to create more networks and expand its boundaries to more customers who are willing to resort to the use of the solar power.

Perceptions and problems

The target audience of the marketing plan aims at a wide range-of people. Destiny Business Consultancy has made sure that the advertisement caters for both people who are seeking alternatives to fossil fuels and those who were seeking backups or supplementary to overcome the diversity of the market. GreenLogic Solar Energy and Systems has numerous competitors in Long Island and Australia at large, and therefore, people can opt for alternative companies to get the same services. Destiny Business Consultancy has devised a method to curb any possible competition by making sure the costing provided by GreenLogic Solar Energy Systems is slightly cheaper than the rest of the companies.

Campaign objectives

Since GreenLogic Solar Energy Systems does not have a defined campaign objective, Destiny Business Consultancy campaign objectives will be, to increase the number of followers by a significant percentage of 30% which will increase the Brand awareness hence drawing more customers. It also intends to provide education forums for primary and secondary markets, and those who attend the forum are to be issued with certificates that can add to their curriculum vitae. This will encourage many people to attend the forum because Greenlogic Solar Energy Systems is a renowned company and therefore many employers would consider people trained by them foremployee relation.

Campaign idea

The first consideration that is to be made-is to focus on the target customers for the solar power and with good reputation there is needed to expand the business boundaries to more customers. This will be very effective if the company considers locations where there are frequent power challenges and the present solar power as a solution to the people. The points to be considered during the Marketing plan are places where the cost-of fuel is high, and places with long periods of dominant sunlight. According to Jonathan Bass, most people still think that solar energy installation is expensive even though the long time financial benefits are very clear. This creates a need for awareness creation among the people to change their perception about this. It calls for Marketing strategies that will focus on range-of things to enable people to have the right attitude toward solar power-production.


GreenLogic Solar Energy Systems had no slogan; Destiny Business Consultancy has come up with a slogan that goes, "use more save more" Which is designed to show the efficiency of the solar power compared to its cost which is much more less when you consider the use-and purpose of the solar energy. This slogan will trigger a considerable number of customers as people will seek to find out the efficiency as compared to the cost-of the solar powered energy as advertised.


Because of the wrong perception that possible customers have about the solar energy, the first Marketing strategy would be to educate the customer about the benefits of using the solar Especially as-far as-the long term saving benefits are concern. One of the ways this is to be done is by proper timing. There is a need to aim the time when electricity companies send their bills and use that opportunity for mass awareness creation on the long term saving benefits of the solar as compared to the frequent electricity bills. This is the time the use of mass media avenues like television, newspapers and local TVs or radio commercials come in. Targeting times when there is a rise in the cost of fuel is important as people’s mind will be very willing to open up for alternative solutions to save some cash.

Taking advantage

According to Cooney, another Marketing strategy would be talking to your customers about the long term expenditures on unsustainable fuel supplies. Fossil fuels come with a diminishing supply and an increasing demand resulting in unstable prices. As more stories start to rise about the unstable prices of fossil fuels and their rising costs people will start considering solar as a cheaper and a long term alternative.

Talking to the community

This is similarly a very useful strategy to use in marketing the solar. Once an opportunity comes to get do an installation into a certain community, talk to the neighbors and leave them flyers, or rather ask your customers to refer you to their neighbors. This will help people in the community trust your company because they have visual evidence of your work. You can also organize for small meetings in the neighborhood through a customer whom you have developed a goodrelationship management

Environmental benefits of solar energy

Another method that Destiny Business Consultancy has come up with is a very important secondary consideration that the solar benefits with. A good number of people are concerned about the environment and are sensitive to the issue of environmental conservation. Bringing the people the fact that solar energy helps in reducing environmental pollution as opposed to other sources of power like the fossil fuels which are big contributors to the depletion of the ozone layer will help enlighten people. Destiny Business Consultancy wishes to bring to the knowledge of the consumers concerning, fossil fuels that in some way, the people are the agents contributing to the depletion of the ozone layer by using their money to promote fossil fuel companies in cases where they have proper, efficient and environmental friendly alternatives.


During working hours the business employees will be sent with flyers to give out in the neighborhoods or town centers where they have gone to Work to-help creating awareness of the business brand. The flyer will contain a picture of the logo on it with the slogan choreographed right below the logo, then a picture of different designs of roofs with the solar panels on them, and finally the contact, social media pages, and web page information right below it.








Percentage %






Internet has become-a solution to how people connect and communicate. Research shows that the use of internet has increased over the years with individuals aged from 18-65 accessing the internet daily. To reach a higher number of people, the internet is one of the best avenues. Due to the evolution of social media, the use of social media had incredibly increased creating an avenue for people to communicate (Hoelzel 2015). Destiny Business Consultancy has a plan to use social media since social media is the fastest Growing platform for digital Marketing and it is proved that, 69% of Australians use social media (Sensis social media report).

GreenLogic Solar Energy Systems has a Facebook account for instance that is well designed showing all the achievements of the business which helps to develop trust among its customers. The business also through regular posts has shown its expertise in the business which helps to bring a Distinction between the company and its possible competitors. Destiny Business Consultancy intends to take an initiative to improve the campaigns done on social media platforms by devising a method that will enable daily updating of posts in the social media platforms.


Below is a five Month budget for the Marketing plan

Amount Allocation




Media Planning

$ 300/h

$ 5,700

Creative execution

$ 150/h

$ 10,000

Account service

$ 80/h

$ 1,400

Finished Art and Production

$ 50/h

$ 4,300

Educational seminar

$ 500/h

$ 10,000


$ 1,080

$ 30,000


The purpose of this Marketing budget is to help create awareness of the benefits of the use of solar energy as an alternative for other sources of energy because of the benefits that accompany its use. The campaign allows the primary and the Secondary target to know the benefits of the use of solar energy and to remove any wrong perception that people have over the use of solar energy about other sources of energy.