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SOCY425 Public Sociology Proof Reading and Editing Services

To what degree sociology genuinely understand, generalize and predict social behavior?

Croteau & Hoynes, (2015) says that,various scientific methods assist sociologist in coming up with empirical information which would help in understanding the diverse trend of social behavior. The sociologists can make use of questioning, observation and things that have been repeating themselves across the culture and the ages to get the precise information technology. However, it is essential for the sociologist to maintain a high level of accuracy that would enable him to learn the difference in behavior from one individual to another.

On the other hand, studying the different behavior by the use of sociology requires consistency on the data the scientist collects. The flexibility would assist to get the real picture of the action of the individual. However, there are areas in which science would not apply; the scientist needs to observe and make a conclusion concerning the situation. In areas where there is the challenge of using the scientific methods, seeing the trend in repetition would be much significant according to Morrison, (2013).

The scientist says that in most case the human behavior does not show some logicality or honesty. For instance, the love that a human being expresses to each other is not logical or honest. The reasons that human nature gives in the different situation are not logic. For example, one may fail the exam but still, provide an excuse which is not standing. An individual may tend to throw blames on his or her tutor as a reason why he or she failed the exam. It does not show some level of honesty because the student may have gone the extra mile you study on his own instead of saying that the teacher is the one who failed to explain for him.

Consequently, the researchers on human behavior sometimes show the level of biases when studying human behavior. Every scientist would experience preferences. However, when analyzing the human behavior, experience assist in most cases. By using the various methodology, sociology would explain the action of the individual no matter how complicated it is at the moment. Through repetitions, it easy to predict the human behavior.

Generally, human behaviors are predictable through the ways such as motivational responses, pattern of addiction and reflexes, however, it is very difficult to predict human rights behaviors in circumstances such as responding to a crisis and reacting to grief.


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