SSP150 Project Based Management Proof Reading Services

SSP150 Project Based Management Assignments Solution

SSP150 Project Based Management Proof Reading Services

Project description:

 Mobile phones are never again the main methods for talking. There were numerous such things that were conceived in the mechanical world, which cell phones have finished individually. As a component of the organization's promise to really convey the best administration, I-Corp exchange security will bend over backward to guarantee that the freedom demands are prepared rapidly and effectively. For misrepresentation insurance, we can likewise ask for extra data. To guarantee the security of exchanges and money related data, we utilize the main security and encryption advancements accessible in the business To ensure each exchange ought to be anchored, the installment door has ought to be acquainted with the restrictive offices with guarantee wellbeing amid the exchange. I-Corp Payment Gateway is a very secure stage that works with various levels of security, with highlights, for example, encryption techniques of a wide range of exchanges, delicate information accumulation with numerous levels of encryption, and API-level security Equipped With a solid spotlight on framework security, the new installment door will be furnished with 24-hour 7-day checked server farms, and limited and signed in, framework level firewalls, and equipment level encryption security highlights.

Skills and knowledge:





Ethical hacking, Web development, App development

Attended workshops on phishing, Hacking, Ransomeware,  Information management. Cyberlaw and ethics.

Team charter:





As a app developer it is my responsibility is to design a app which helps our customer’s to make secure payment.

Need to follow the step by step procedure and make sure the app is tested several time’s before it is handed over to the client.

As a candidate of the ethical hacking, I have knowlwdge abot the secure payment gateway.

Desiged a app as a major project in graduation college.

Progress chart:




Week 5

What’s the aim of the app?

App that looks great and provides a wholesome experience. Include usable features, graphics and safe online transactions. Be inspired from the popular apps in your niche to have an idea about what works for our customers.

Our online payment systems do not share your full credit card number with vendors to give you additional security.

Week 6

Matching the app’s performance vs its battery life?

Alongside, design and functionalities and interaction the performance of the app and its battery life are equally important. The challenge lies in creating a bug-free, well designed app which runs on minimum possible battery.

Set up a Beta version and run test cases with test users to avoid any performance trouble.

Week 7

Making an two way communication in the app?

 In today’s interconnected web world interconnection stand as that ultimate two way communication.Need to develop the customer service which provides online help at any time.

Create an customer care center where each and every assistance need is been served.


Stakeholder name

Information to be shared

Frequency of information exchange

Location of information exchange

Purpose of communication


Project manager

Need to update about the project in the daily bases of the individual tasks of a project so that he can keep the plans up to date and rectify the mistakes and corrections

Live meeting, Conference calls

Office, meeting area

Date to date progress of the project

Doc, PPT’s

Project team members

Need to sub divide the group based on their roles in the project. Project members will see the project as the work is been done by them and the reflections of their project performance.

E-mails, Office blogs

Work station, conference rooms

Daily targets, individual task performance, project progress

Oral meetings, Powerpoint presentations


Most of the people don’t have time to read a lot in detail so, Graphs and Charts would be the best way to convey your project progress

Conference calls, meetings


Progress of the project

Charts, Graphs


These people may not show interest in the project communication ntil the final product is released.

Customercare center’s


Regularupdatesof the product



A Leadership development system characterizes the objectives and desires for pioneers in their association. It likewise characterizes critical abilities, skills, and encounters of an effective pioneer in your association. Those definitions incorporate administration determination drives, grants, and different steady advancement programs. This deliberately oversaw, initiative advancement is more than the basic lip benefit for your association. A fruitful pioneer ought to be set up to assume full liability for the mix-ups and weaknesses of his supporters. In the event that he forces this obligation on the other, at that point he won't be a pioneer. On the off chance that any of his supporters commit an error and ends up being precluded then the pioneer ought to trust that the oversight is the same and he has fizzled.

1 Knowledge: Skills identified with fundamental information, the specialized learning required to play out a specific errand.

2 Capacity: It is the capacity to hone by completing an errand or work, as a rule requires an association of training with the important learning to make the required move.

3 Approach: Regarding the aptitudes required for the connection between the other individuals in the organization and identified with feelings and emotions, and identified with those abilities.

In a perfect world, while characterizing the skills vital for a circumstance, the project manager characterizes the capabilities of various elements. In the long time past days, it was a conviction that a man who knew a great deal about a specific subject was sufficient to encourage the organization, however this discernment is distinctive by and by. The more the representative is a specialist regarding this matter, in the event that he doesn't know how to manage the group with whatever remains of the group, this It doesn't have any utilization to know everything. A few organizations, while characterizing abilities, as of now trust that the worker ought to have an arrangement of hypothetical information for the activity. That is, a project manager ought to have administration information and a specialist must have specialized building abilities.


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