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The airline industry is one of the largest industry because of its continued growth in the past few years. Doha, Qatar based airways operate a huge network security of "Hub &- spoke” which links over 150 destinations all over the world. I work as an operation manager at Qatar Airways. The reason behind choosing Qatar Airways is that it is the world's fastest growing airline. It serves all six- continents (Qatarairways 2018). Qatar Airways use latest generation aircraft to link the 150 destinations around the globe. The experience on- board of Qatar Airways is amazing they serve their best services to the customers. Qatar Airways has more than 46,000 professionals as a team of working employees. Working at Qatar Airways has its own perks. Employees are well taken care of. They are provided with the decent salary, paid medical/dental, insurance etcetera. Being one of the largest airlines in the world, Qatar Airways serves every employee & customers with the best.

Organizational Overview

Qatar Airways was founded back in 1993. Qatar airways carry the state flag of Doha, being the largest network of airlines in Doha, Qatar. The headquarter of the Qatar Airways is in the Qatar Airways tower which is located in Doha. "Hub- &- spoke” network is facilitated by Qatar Airways organization which further links more than 150 destinations across the globe on an international level. Destinations which are linked by Qatar Airways are central Asia, Europe, South Asia in the far east, not & South America, Africa & Oceania. The base of Qatar Airways is at Hamad international airport. More than 200 aircraft fleet is facilitated by the Qatar Airways group. Around 46,000 people work under this organization, each & every employee is an expert in their own field. The slogan of Qatar Airways is "Going places together”. Akbar Al Baker is the Chief Executive Officer of the Qatar Airways. Net income of Qatar Airways is QR 1.97 billion & revenue is QR 38.89 billion. Melbourne city was the first city to get served with the Qatar Airways services in Australia in the year 2009. Perth in Australia was the second city in which Qatar Airways launched their services in July 2012. Qatar Airways airlines serve in different segments like first class, business class & economy class. Qatar Airways is one of the finest airways which provide their customers with the best experience onboard journey. It also provides customers with services as per their requirement.

Organizational Strategy

Qatar Airways is one of the leading airways organization & to maintain the level of progress, there are few strategies & techniques used by Qatar Airways.

1. Decent fare- Qatar Airways is focused on providing the customers with the affordable fares according to their needs & requirements. This strategy will allow the customer to choose the fare according to their convenience. For instance, the senior citizen is provided with 15 % off fare charges & even the students get offers who travel abroad for study. This will attract more customers.

2. Quality services- this strategy helps the Qatar Airways to provide the best hospitality services to the passengers. Travelers can choose the type of travel they want, for instance, first class, business class or economy class as per their budget (Pearson 2018). No matter what type of class the customer is traveling in, he or she is always provided with the best services currently for instance Oryx entertainment etcetera.

3. Improvisation- in the past few customers were troubled with the baggage & luggage services. Due to this customers made a lot of complaints. To improve the delivery services with the speed, a new strategy is being used by Qatar Airways. This strategy will prevent the luggage delivery from getting delayed. Therefore this strategy will be helpful.

4. Flexibility in the services- due to lack of flexibility in the past, few customers were troubled & harassed. Therefore to increase the flexibility, the Qatar Airways staff is well trained so that they can handle multiple chores at the same time. This strategy will help the Qatar Airways to serve the customers better than any other airlines & will give a competitive advantage over other airlines. It will also allow the staff to deliver the services with speed & at a proper time (Opstart 2017).

5. Promotional strategy- this strategy will allow the Qatar airways to gather a large audience & attract more customers. It will increase their visibility all across the globe. Qatar Airways have started sponsoring few events & tournaments which is a great promotional strategy. High profile events increase the visibility of Qatar airways br&.

Human Resource Strategy

Human resource strategy provides the organization, with a proper direction to enhance the progress level & achieve the organization goal. HR strategy of Qatar Airways are:

1. Hiring the qualified person- recruiting the perfect person that fits the job description is the most important & crucial step for any organization. Qatar Airways have set some rules in order to recruit the person like language & vocabulary test, attitude, passion towards the job etcetera. Qatar airways receive thous&s of application but only a few are able to join the organization. they require many qualities in cabin crew like friendly behavior, kindness, cheerful nature etcetera. This strategy proves useful while the hiring process.
2. Training the employees- Qatar airways focus on training the newly hired employees so that they can serve the br& with skilled services. Hiring is a crucial step & then comes training the hired persons which are also an important step. This training period allows the recruits to work on their flaws & strengthen their skills. Training period teaches the newly recruits about all the minute details about the organization & working for the benefit of the organization. this strategy of human resource will help the Qatar airways to enhance their services & grow the business with the help of all professional & skilled employees.

3. Rewarding the employees- another strategy of the human resources department of the Qatar Airways is to reward the employees on the basis of their services & performance level. This strategy will give the employees an extra motivation to work even harder & achieve the aim before the timeline. By this approach, the employees will work in a better way & the customers will also enjoy the best services & will pay accordingly (Costen, 2012). If the employees are happy then they will serve in the best way possible & then treat the customers accordingly.

4. Customer-centric strategy- this strategy allows the employees to focus more on the customers & serve them in a better way. With the increased focus on the customers, more & more customers will be attracted towards the Qatar Airways.

A gap between Strategies & Discussion Theory & Practice

The discussion can begin by giving focus on the link between the organizational strategy & HR strategy devising. To analyze the gap between strategies & discussion & their practices, a gap analysis strategy can be used (Ariss, Cascio & Paauwe, 2014). Gap analysis includes evaluating the difference between the desired result & the actual result by properly analyzing the distance between strategies & their proper planning & their actual implementation in order to achieve the desired outcome. The strategic gap analysis includes all the minute details regarding the accomplishment of the goal which includes, planning, time management, deadline, the management frame, finance etcetera. All the steps in the process will help to determine the positions where the shortcomings or any kind of loose ends lie. After properly analyzing the situation, the organization needs to lay out a modified plan in order to decrease or remove the gaps between the strategies & their implementation. Any company can get the best return out of its performance & its capital sources with the help of proper HR strategies & organizational strategies (Costen & Salazar, 2012). Sometimes a huge gap arises between both the strategies due to non-alignment & increased differences. The reason behind the non-alignment between both the strategies may be, lack of skills, increased level of competencies, a difference in attitude & expertise.

This gap can create many problems among both the departments. HR department mainly focuses on the development of the organization rather than including the betterment of employee in the strategy. This leads to a bundle of differences between HR department & the business organization ( mainly employees) (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). All the gaps can be easily determined with the help of strategic gap analysis that will help the organization staff member to compare both the strategies & evaluate the outcomes & then decide which one would be better for each & everyone in the organization. Strategic gap business analysis includes many tasks regarding the performance or informal language, it can be called as benchmarking. It will allow one to evaluate the general performance of the industry & then use them to evaluate the company’s performance & whether it is up to the mark or not (Caldwell, Truong, Linh & Tuan, 2011).

This strategic gap will help the industry to analyze the whole scenario & then the resources & the finance budget can be allocated according to the requirements of the different departments. Due to the increased difference between the strategies, many organizations fail to do a proper planning for the upcoming future events. No matter how capable or competent the organization is but without a proper strategy they fail to achieve their goals & targets (Arnold, 2016). Due to a lack of alignment, a gap is created between their capability & the current position of the company, therefore, that gap analysis is the only way to develop a bridge between the gaps. Proper distribution of resources, capital, projects, activities, equipment, finance, & many other things can be beneficial for the organization & the HR department as well (Buller & McEvoy, 2012). Analyzing the gap can be the only proper way to do the aligning & laying out the strategies. Strategic analysis can really remove the huge gap between implementing the strategies & discussing them.

Despite many differences, HR strategy & the organizational strategy have a strong link or connection between their way of working. HR strategies help in mainly four ways according to a survey conducted by HR managers & executives. Those four ways are mainly, staffing, retention, compensation & the performance. While staffing, the overall organization is also involved & the strategies are made accordingly (Asfaw, Argaw & Bayissa, 2015). Therefore, the HR practices & the organizational strategies for the business are linked with each other but in a complex way. Both the strategies are used for the organizational development & to create a positive business environment. The HR department is mainly concerned with the betterment of the employees & takes all the major decision regarding the firm or in simpler words, HR strategy can be called as the strategy of the whole business (Budhwar & Debrah, 2013). Therefore the strategies practiced by the HR department should be acknowledged & managed by the organizational department, which is employees. But it does not mean that the HR department is free to misuse their powers (Bach & Edwards, 2013). All the strategies made by the HR department should be in such a way that would be beneficial for both the organization & the employees & should be a great approach according to the competition point of view. Organizational strategy is more focused on creating a competitive strategy for the business entity (Bratton & Gold, 2012). This shows that the relationship between both the departments is for the benefit of the organization. Since the HR department is making such strategies so that it would be for the benefit of the organization on the other h&, the organizational department is trying to give the competitive advantage to the organization over other industries. Together they make a great team & help the industry to achieve a great level of success. Coordination between both the departments of any organization can help the organization achieve a huge success & growth in the business (Beardwell & Thompson, 2014).

This coordination will increase the organization inflow along with an increment in the performance level of the business entity. This way the employees feel more involved & motivated. Since it is a great source of motivation, therefore the employees will put a great number of efforts into their work & try to bring more profit. HR department helps the organization by providing them with the right tools & Business Corporation with a great team of employees works towards a better business strategy & the efficiency in the work. HR department provides the organization with a better team of employees & staff that can be very beneficial for the entity (Blanpain & Rapp, 2014). The HR team takes the major decision regarding the employee hiring, payroll, bonuses, training & utilizing, & other major practices but the firm decides the way of working & other strategies for increasing the level of competition of the industry & getting its competitive advantage over others (Boxall & Purcell, 2011). The link between both the department & strategies is very beneficial for the organization & helps to increase the level of efficiency & the performance of the company in several different ways.


The above-presented report is executed for analyzing the organization through various given parameters for evaluating various aspects of the business corporation. The selected business entity for this report is Qatar Airlines that is a multinational corporation in Doha, Qatar. The prime objective of executing this organizational analysis is identifying the organizational strategy & determining the level up-to, which the Human Resource is able to support the business organization. The report comprises of the execution of analysis over various strategies that are adopted by the various departments within the business corporation. A comparison between the different strategies is presented for analyzing the similarity & gap between them. Moreover. Some theory & practices are discussed for linking the mentioned strategies.


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