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The article, “Store Delivery Keeps Retailers in the Game” discusses about how in the case of multi-channel retail the stores have stock and it is sold directly to the customers. Website has got separate stock and the online interactions of the customers with retailer are made separate from that of offline interactions. The article states how the consumers can have multiple touch-point in the case of omni-channel environment ( customers in the case of omni-channel environmental analysis want the interaction in each channel to be free of any kind of difficulties. It states how the stores can cut the cost by making the employees deliver from the stores.

The article “How to Choose a Specialized Carrier” discusses that the carrier driver should be capable of demonstrating experience pertaining to handling of specific type of the freight. It brings out how the staff of the carrier along with driver should have knowledge in relation to planning and pertaining ( should be aware of the rules along with regulations of a state along with the drive-time restrictions. The article states how a qualified carrier has the proven process that helps the shipper in the development of a customized transportation plan.

The article, “Using IOT to move from Push to Pull” talks about the importance of Internet-of-Things” that can help in planning and realization of a pull-based supply chain. The article talks about the importance of sensor networks that can help in monitoring inventory and calculation of the cost of the standing stock. The article elaborates on how simple tracking can help in mapping the whole process of material flow from the raw material to that of the finished product ( It talks how the supply chain going from push to pull can help in the aspect of meeting resistance. It discusses how edge-computing can be taken recourse to that can help in ensuring that the batches would be processed in an efficient manner.

In the event of working for Met Foodmarkets, I saw that that the stock of the stores and the website were kept separately that proved to be of great convenience for the company. The interaction pertaining to omni-channel retail was devoid of any kind of complication that was a major reason for the popularity of Met Food markets. I saw that the carrier driver of Met Food markets had experience pertaining to how to handle a kind of freight that made the process of logistics very smooth for the company ( The carrier along with the driver of Met Food Markets were provided with the training that made them acquainted with rules of the state. The training helped in the development of the carrier drivers and they got to know about drive time restriction that can help them in delivery of the products. Met Food markets made use of the technology of Internet-of-Things that greatly helped them in the aspect of logistics. The company made use of simple tracking that helped in mapping process pertaining to material flow. Edge computing was used by Met Food markets that aided in the efficient processing of batches.


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